There have been plethora of snow days and early dismissals during Specials, and yet, the students are still managing to do amazing things in their art, music, p.e., and other elective classes!  Walk down the halls on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon and you will find: 
The Clay/Sculpting class painting pots they have pieced together carefully over the last few weeks (after first sketching their designs out to make sure they knew their piece would be what they wanted once it dried!)  Monsters, animals, robots- each piece is as unique as the student that created it!  
Writing of robots, just outside the clay class are the Pumabots, the Robotics team, hard at work on the FIRST Lego League Animal Allies challenge.  The class is gearing up for a regional competition in Johnstown comprised of three parts: the Robot Game, to test their programming and engineering skills, the Project, challenging them come up with an innovative solution to a real-world problem, and the Core Values-a test of teamwork!  The Pumabots recently took a field trip to PAWS Animal Shelter to interview an expert about their project.  You can see pictures from their trip below.
A little further down the hallway you'll find students working on beautiful creations in the Tiffany style in Stained Glass, or independent drawings focusing on character design, storytelling, and emotion in Advanced Illustration. You'll also smell students woking on delicious creations in Cake Decorating class!  
You might run into the Student Council anywhere-planning a spirit day for the school, meeting with a CLC board member, or doing community service in the library.  
Meanwhile, Health class students are learning how to improve their wellness and sharing their personal values while the 8th Grade class make plans for their End of Year Presentations and Trip!
You can catch an improv performance in the Drama class, watch a Fencing match, do a stretch with the Yoga students (or curl up with a good read in Book Club!)  No matter where you turn,  you don't have to go far to hear music.  Rock Band, Borchestra (band plus orchestra) and Show Choir will make you want to dance and sing the winter blahs away!
And that's not all-the Volleyball class is serving it up across town at C-3 Sports and the Gymnastics class is tumbling away down the street at Centre Elite gym (see pics below!)
So, in spite of the snow, CLC students are managing to accomplish awesome feats in Specials when school is in session.  We've heard they've managed to enjoy their unplanned days off as well.  So, we'll call that a win-win for winter so far!


Specials Fall 2016


Our first quarter of Specials for the 2016-17 school year was as colorful and fun as the fall leaves!  Students created amazing artwork in Cake Decorating, Illustration, Stained Glass, and Art 5.  They read, wrote, performed (and had a tea party!) in Book Club and Drama.  The Gymnastics class traveled to Centre Elite to tumble and touch their toes.  The Fitness class trained hard and played creative team games and 8th Grade Activities worked hard on End of Year Project Proposals and the Haunted House.  The whole school was treated to an amazing show of physical and musical skills at the Student v. Staff Flag Football Game followed by the All School Showcase on October 28, featuring demonstrations and performances by Hip Hop Fitness, Fencing, Rock Band, Borchestra (band plus orchestra), Music 5, and the ESP Dance/Gymnastics club.  Students dressed in their favorite sports teams' colors and enjoyed peanuts at the Football Game from the Student Council for Spirit Day.  Second quarter specials classes began last week-new additions include Pumabots (robotics), Relays, Mixed Media, Advanced Illustration, Volleyball, and Yoga!   Check out the Slideshows below to see Specials in Action!

Specials Slideshow

Flag Football Game Slideshow

On the last day of school before WInter Break, students participated in Friday Challenges all morning and enjoyed art displays, musical performances, and yummy goodies at an Assembly in the afternoon!  Morning activities included crafting New Years' masks, drawing while sipping hot cocoa, and playing Dodgeball, Penguin Relays, and Snow Soccer (with a few flurries!) 

At the assembly, the Second Quarter Borchestra, Rock Bands, and Glee Club made beautiful music, and the Fencing class finalists competed to thunderous applause!  The Glee Club also sold homemade treats to raise funds for an upcoming competition.  Check out the first slideshow below for more pictures of the Challenges and Assembly!

Students passing a dodgeball around with their elbows? 
Must be Penguin Relays! 
(Use your flippers to keep that egg off the ice!)

 Happy New Year!

This week students began taking new Specials classes in Fencing, Cake Decorating, Robotics, Music Composition, Rock Band, Stained Glass, Illustration, Chess, Mixed Media, Borchestra, Student Council, and Cheer!  We also observed an extra special day this Thursday as we celebrated Hat Day to honor former CLC student and dear friend, Nick Castellano.  You can see students in Specials on Thursday in the second slideshow below. 

                                                                             Foreman Phil supervises the Pumabots.  CLC's Robotics Team will be                                                                                   competing in First Lego League's regional championship at the end of February.

Friday Challenges & Assembly

New Specials Classes

PictureCake Decorating students sample their art supplies!
The first quarter of Specials is off to a great start!
Read on to learn about what students are up to in many specials classes, and check out the slideshow below to see Specials in action!

Art 5 students are creating mind-bending optical illusions using simple lines and contrasting colors.   Beautiful and Mystifying! 

Borchestra already sounds great!  Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments come together twice a week to practice for our first All School Showcase.   It's music to our ears!

Cake Decorating students are practicing their icing piping skills, which will soon be applied to sugar cookies!  This week, students got inspired by the show "Cake Boss" as they started to sketch cookie designs.  Yum!

Fencing  Foiled again!  Actually, they're sabers.  After playing several games to practice the skills they'll need for fencing, students suit up and try out fancy footwork and swift swordplay!

Flag Football students get a workout running, stretching, throwing, catching, and creating secret plays to use in their big game against the teachers!  Teamwork makes the dream work!

Gymnastics travels to Centre Elite to tumble and try out the awesome equipment.  Each student is improving his or her personal fitness level and gymnastic skills as they learn from the best!

Illustration students are a hard-working bunch of artists who diligently draw in styles they love and challenge themselves to try new techniques.   Every picture tells a fantastic story!

Pumabots are anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Fredbot 2.0" as they brainstorm ideas for the First Lego League Robotics "Trash Trek" Challenge.  Students will need to program a robot, present an innovative solution for a real-world problem, and demonstrate teamwork and professionalism-all around the theme of...garbage!  One man's trash is a Pumabot's treasure!

Music 5 students get up and move, get online to learn music theory and composition at, and get to dig into the history of their favorite music.   They are also practicing for Outdoor School Sing Alongs by learning "Inch by Inch (The Garden Song)."  Lovely!

Rock Band is starting to rock out!  In addition to learning and practicing many genres of music on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals, students will be creating a timeline of rock music history and influences.  For those about to rock, we salute you.

Stained Glass students are so talented!  Students have already created many beautiful works of art in just a few hours of class time.  It is amazing what a creative middle schooler can do with an idea, some colored glass, a few tools, and the instruction of a professional!  Now is the time to commission your children to make holiday gifts for family members!

Survival Skills students spend half their time learning practical safety measures such as identifying household hazards, and the rest of class engaged in the ultimate role-playing game!  The class works in teams to make choices in reality-based survival scenarios set in different geographical regions, with each new decision affecting the adventure.  Forget the Zombiepocalypse, this is serious!