Tri River Foods
Students develop and bring to market a food product for kids.

*PACA Foods

Centre Electricity Consultants
Students design a power plant to meet the needs of the people of Las Vegas.

*How a Nuclear Reactor Works
*Commercial for SNelectric

Institute of Neuroscience
Students will complete a quantitative research study.

*Nuerology Museum Pictures

Survey Design
Students design and implement a variety of surveys.

Tribal Nations
Students examine the culture, traditions, government, and values or American Indians.

Med Tech
Students create resources to educate health workers going abroad.

Alien Ambassador Corps
Students create web based instruction for visiting aliens.

CLC Space Agency
Students create mission outlines for exploration of space.

*More Mars
*Female Space Science

Transportation Solutions Associates
Students develop new forms of transportation and build recumbent bikes.

Students solve insect problems.

Defend Newton
Students study Newton's Laws in order to plan a legal defense of Newton.

Biodiversity Golf
Students design and build a miniature golf course and learn about biomes.

Biodiversity Design Conference (old)
Students create conference presentations highlighting their golf course hole.

Students examine low level radioactive waste.

Rights, Privileges, and Laws
Students examine low level radioactive waste.

Project Bird: Look Out the Window
Students observe and count birds.

Stock Market Game
Students buy and sell stocks.

Lame Island
Students build portable boats.

Harnessing the Wind
Students build wind turbines.

Dangerous Waters: An Age of Piracy
Students build a museum about piracy.

World at War | Museum Design
Students build a museum about World War II.

Clanker Publishing
Students write and publish children's stories.

CLC Carnival
Students build a carnival.

System Research Institute
Students examine how systems impact our lives.

Medieval Siege
Students construct weapons of war.

Egg Protection Agency
If you can protect and egg, you can protect a computer.

World In Motion
Gears and gearing.

A Bridge Too Far
Students build bridges.

Homespun Interviews
Students create mini documentaries.

Robot Project 1
Students build robots.

Robot Project 2
Students still build robots.

How Things Werk
Big Lie Edition
Snoops Example by Mark

Students describe how something does not work. Based on Disney cartoon.

CLC Trading Cards
Students design and create their own trading cards.

CLC Magazine Covers
Students create magazine covers.

CLC Action Figures
Students create action figures.

CLC Records
Students record and create a music cd.

Government Contract 35xc125
Developing a truly mobile infantry.

How High and How Many

The Great Gatsby

Animal Farm

Flowers for Algernon

The Little Prince

Red Badge of Courage

Harrison Bergeron

Attributes of Powerful Learning Environments

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