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In this category you will learn about wolves Habitat, Myths and Stories about Wolves, and the pack. Lets continue. . .

Two puppies in hole


Two puppies climbing on their mom

Adult wolf staring at camera

two puppies near tree

Two black wolf pups with blue eyes



The wolves live in different environments, including forests, deserts, mountains, tundra, taiga, and grasslands. Wolves are really helpful to the environment. When the wolves were decreasing their were many of the wolves preys increased to a high amount. When humans brought the wolves back to being not endangered the wolves prey evened out.


Myths and Stories about Wolves:

Many stories have been made up by humans explaining how cruel and evil wolves are. . . I think that they made these stories because wolves sometimes attacked humans in search of food. Myths have also been made up on wolves also. Some stories include Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs. These stories say how vicious the wolves are. But yet their are other stories that tell that wolves are gentle creatures and take care of infants, some stories include, The Jungle Book, some say that the founders of Rome were actually nursed by a she-wolf.
One Myth is:

One day, long ago, in a land where all animals could communicate with each other their lived a wolf. The wolf was jumping around everywhere and his eyes flew out. The wolf was crying because he could not see. Then a squirrel came along and heard the wolf crying she asked what was the problem, he answered saying, “ I was jumping around when my eyes flew out.” The squirrel said she might be able to help. She climbed a pine tree and got some sap. She rolled the sap up into two eyes. She put them into the wolves eyes. One day when the earth was really hot the Wolf came out and his eyes started to melt. He went back in his den and would always come out at night. This is how the Wolf got yellow eyes.


The Pack

The packs of wolves can vary in size. There can be packs as small as three to five wolves, and there can be packs as big as fifteen wolves in a pack. The BIGGEST pack ever seen was seen in Alaska their was thirty-six wolves. There is a couple called the Alpha couple. The Alpha couple leads the pack. There is the Alpha Male who is the one who mainly leads, and his wife the Alpha Female helps him. They are the wisest of the pack. This is because they had more experience with hunting tactics. The whole pack takes care of the baby pups, I will talk more about that next. . .