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When the aztec population got bigger they needed more food. So they made a floating garden. First they would make rafts and anchored them to a lake bed. vegetables and other food was put on top of the raft.Then they put enough dirt on the raft to make a small crop. To secure the rafts they made mud walls. The mud walls also acted as walkways from one raft to another, and to the Aztec City Tenochtitlan.

The floating gardens were successful. The Aztecs used them to grow corn,
Peppers, and other food. The Aztecs created more land by filling in marshes and
Swamps. They created even more land by making dikes to hold back the water.

Besides religion farming was the principal activity. It was part of every day life for
the Aztecs. Aztec farms were not fertile and thats not good because people could starve without enough food. So thats when they built the floating garden.

When a crop was harvested the Aztecs had different ways to eat it. One of the ways was to grind up the corn on a flat rock and that would get them corn meal.
The higher class ate tortillas but they also ate a plant called maguey and it was
used for making a drink sort of like beer. And it was also used for needles because of the thorns on it and rope made from the plants fiber.

To make the land suitable for farming the aztecs made terraces on hillsides. They even used fertilizer to improve the content of the soil. The aztecs did not have really good tools to use for farming. They dug holes with sticks, they didn't’t have plows or anything like that either.

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This is a family of Aztecs farming. The Aztecs farmed corn,beans,squash,avocados,peppers,tomatoes,sunflowers,and tobacco. The farms are called Chinampas.

This is a Aztec temple made by the Aztecs. The temples where made out of stone. A purpose is the Aztecs take captives to the top of the temple and sacrifice them to the “gods.”

This is a colony of Aztecs. They are farming. They are also building a temple in the background.

These are Aztec totem poles. Each represent a story. These are supposed to be Aztec gods.

This is a statue that the Aztecs made. It represents the three Aztec gods. It is made out of stone.

This is another Aztec statue. This one was carved into a stone wall. It was made in the middle of a group of other carvings that the Aztecs made.

This is an Aztec harvesting his crops. The crops that he is harvesting are wheat. He is harvesting it before it goes bad.

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