Chapter 1-3

Comprehesion Questions:

1. When Stargirl arrives at Mica High School, people notice her. Name three ways in which her appearance or behavior differs from that of the other students.

Her appearence is different because she doesn't wear any makeup. Another way is because she dresses differently. Her clothes are crazy and colorful. She also takes her pet rat to school every day in her bag. She is very friendly to everyone and sings happy birthday to someone in the lunchroom every day.

2. Why do you think Hilary told everyone that Stargirl was a fake? What do you think?

I think that Hilary told everyone that Stargirl was a fake because she thinks that Stargirl will become popular, but doesn't want to lose her popularity. I don't think she is a fake. I just think that she in unique and I like her for that. I would want to be her friend.

3. As the author is describing Mica High School, he states, "we quickly snap back into place, like rubber bands". What does he mean by this?

Every time someone is different, they get embarrased, and quickly become normal again because they still want to be normal and the same as everyone else.

4. How do the characters of Stargirl and Leo compare to the main characters of "Flipped"? What connections can you make?

I think that Stargirl is similar to Julie and Leo is like Brice. I don't like Kevin already, and I think that he is like Garret. This book seems to have similar settings and characters.

First, define the words provided below. Use as many words from the word bank below to write a paragraph about the story. Make a prediction about the events in Stargirl.
introverted nonconformity
ukulele sullen
mortified jubilation mesmerizing

At Mica High School, all the students are all the same. There is no nonconformity... Until Stargirl comes along. She always dresses in crazy outfits. She is friendly to everyone, no matter what they may think of her. She brings a ukulele to school and in the lunchroom sings happy birthday to a different person every day! She takes her pet rat to school as well, and he sits on her shoulder. In class, she spreads out a tablecloth on her desk and puts a flower in a vase on it. She also always asks irrelevant questions. None of the students know what to make of her!
I think that Leo will eventually sign Stargirl up for the hot seat. I think that she'll refuse. I think that she sleeps in a tiny little house in the middle of nowhere, and has no parents. Other then that, I do not know enough information to make a good prediction.


Stargirl Questions Chapters 4-6
By: Zinni

1. Who is Wayne Parr? Explain his character in the book.
Wayne Parr is the most popular teen in school. The reason he is so popular is because he doesn’t do anything in school and is Hilary’s boyfriend. All of the people, boys, and girls alike think he is gorgeous. They all copy him by not showing school spirit, not going to any clubs, and not attending games.

The author says, "did Parr create us, or was he simply a reflection of us", what do you think this means?
This means that they didn’t know if Parr set this trend of sameness for them, or if he was he just a ordinary person who the sameness shines through particularly well.

Does Wayne Parr remind you of anyone you know?
Wayne Parr doesn’tremind me of anyone I know. I tend to naturally gravitate towards the more colorful type.

Why do you think Stargirl acted that way at the football game?
I think that Stargirl is very enthusiastic and shows a lot of school spirit. Other then that, I don’t know the way she acts. The only thing I am sure about her behavior is that I like it!

In Chapter 5 Leo states, "At the same time, we held back. Because she was different. Different. We had no one to compare her to, no one to measure her against. She was unknown territory. Unsafe. We were afraid to get to close." What do you think they are afraid of?
I think that they are afraid of hanging out with her and being her friend because they think they will lose their popularity if they hang out with her. But if someone hangs out with her and acts like her, maybe the whole school will follow and transform.

Do you think the attitude about Stargirl will change? If so, how?
I think one person will change and then the whole school will be unique and creative and dynamic, instead of just a plain, old, boring high school. I think the attitude will change with one person, then another, then another, then another...

Website Activity
Pretend that you are Stargirl. Write a entry in your personal journal about your first couple of months at Mica High School. What has happened to you and what are your thoughts and feelings on it. Make sure you take the perspective of Stargirl, think about how she would talk about her experiences. Your journal entry should be at least three paragraphs long.
You could also add a sketch that Stargirl might put in her journal.


September 24, 2000

Today I signed up for Cheerleading. So far, it sound like fun. I hope that more people will come to the games, otherwise we'll just be cheering at empty stands, which doesn't sound very interesting. I also went to my first practice today. The fellow cheerleaders are putting me at the top of their pyramid. I can't wait for the first game. Standing on top of a pramid looking over the (hopefully full) stands and cheering at the top of my lungs sounds quite exhilerating.They taught me the cheers too. We get to yell M! and H! and I! I really hope that people will come to these games.

Eventully Kevin will probably put me on the Hot Seat. Kevin has been pestering him about it for days. I don't have an opionin about the Hot Seat. Tomorrow I'll watch an episode of it if I can.

I hope I did the right thing with Hilary. I hope she doesn't get mad at me for singing to someone else. I almost laughed when I looked at her face. I very nearly lost it completly. Tomorrow is Laura Hoffman's birthday. I am planning to sing to her, but first I have to tune my ukelele and replace some strings...


Chapters 10-11

#1 The three strange things that Stargirl did was first taking the Hot Seat quite literally! She sat down in the chair with flames, then gasped for a few minutes, stood up, and screamed. The second strange thing that Stargirl did was going to Anna Grisdale’s grandfather’s funeral. She didn’t take anything, just mourned and talked with the rest of the relatives. When a kid crashed into a mailbox, ruining his bike and busting up his leg, she bought him a new bike, anonymously. His mother didn’t want him again on wheels for a long time, so they threw the bike away. The kid then got a BB Gun.

#2 I think they will not cause problems, because nobody will know it was her, other then the kids at school, who probably won’t tell anyone. I think that they will just brush it off.

#3 I think they left Stargirl at the game because they were mad at her for being sorry for the other team. I think they left her just to be mean and get back at her. I would not have done that.

#4 I think the jury will ask Stargirl why she is so unique, and why she decided coming to the school if it is so plain. I think that he’ll accidentally insult her, and she will slap him and never return.

#5 I think that all that time, they accidentally didn’t turn the camera on, so no one will see episode. Then I think they’ll try to stage it, but it won’t look the same.