Jacques Cartier was a great French explorer who had many accomplishments in his life. He was born on December 31, 1491 and died at the age of 65 on September 1, 1557. He was born and died in St. Malo, France. He had two very significant accomplishments. They were that he claimed what is now Canada for France and he also was the very first European to map and describe The Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of The Saint Lawrence River.


Jacques Cartier went on three voyages and was a very good explorer, but wait until you hear about what happens on his last voyage. On his first voyage, he was trying to find the western passageway to the markets of Asia. This first voyage took place in 1534. After he left France, it took him and his crew 20 days to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. On May 10 of his voyage, he explored parts of Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Cartier's second voyage took place in the years of 1535-1536. He left with 110 men, two natives, and three ships. He spent two days among the people of Hochelaga and returned to Stadacona, on October 11. His men started to collect what they thought were diamonds and gold, but they turned out to be just quartz crystals and iron pyrites. This led to the development of a French expression… "faux comme les diamants du Canada" ("As false as Canadian diamonds").

Cartier left France in early June of 1542 and arrived in the new world in October. Nobody knows of any records of the winter of 1541-1542 and only a little information came from the survivors of the third voyage. People think that natives killed about 35 settlers before the Frenchmen could run and retreat behind their fortifications. Cartier was one of the casualties.

So now this research must come to an end. All of this information is now all done, my friend.To come to a conclusion, Cartier was a very great explorer. He went on three voyages, and came back successful on all of his voyages, but ended on his third. As you can see, Jacques Cartier was a very great explorer and went on many voyages. I hope that you enjoyed learning about Jacques Cartier. So now we must go. Thank you for your time, I hope that you enjoyed learning about one of the greatest ocean explorers of mankind!

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