On the last day of school before WInter Break, students participated in Friday Challenges all morning and enjoyed art displays, musical performances, and yummy goodies at an Assembly in the afternoon!  Morning activities included crafting New Years' masks, drawing while sipping hot cocoa, and playing Dodgeball, Penguin Relays, and Snow Soccer (with a few flurries!) 

At the assembly, the Second Quarter Borchestra, Rock Bands, and Glee Club made beautiful music, and the Fencing class finalists competed to thunderous applause!  The Glee Club also sold homemade treats to raise funds for an upcoming competition.  Check out the first slideshow below for more pictures of the Challenges and Assembly!

Students passing a dodgeball around with their elbows? 
Must be Penguin Relays! 
(Use your flippers to keep that egg off the ice!)

 Happy New Year!

This week students began taking new Specials classes in Fencing, Cake Decorating, Robotics, Music Composition, Rock Band, Stained Glass, Illustration, Chess, Mixed Media, Borchestra, Student Council, and Cheer!  We also observed an extra special day this Thursday as we celebrated Hat Day to honor former CLC student and dear friend, Nick Castellano.  You can see students in Specials on Thursday in the second slideshow below. 

                                                                             Foreman Phil supervises the Pumabots.  CLC's Robotics Team will be                                                                                   competing in First Lego League's regional championship at the end of February.

Friday Challenges & Assembly

New Specials Classes



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